Monday, April 7, 2014


Condemnation is the fate
of women who think.

God please forbid a woman
for having opinions on subjects
her little child mind could not possibly
comprehend, understand, fathom

God please, get this bitch out
who does she think she is,
a man? only men assert themselves
women should be passive

God please, her innocence is soiled
with impure thoughts and unnatural tendencies
let men protect and provide for her
if she falls out of line give men the strength
to put her back where she belongs

Condemnation for women who think
Condemnation for women who are leaders
Condemnation for women who "sin"
Condemnation for women.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

word flow: orange

Wait for me
Spring has come
new beginnings
the dead unveiled

Wait for me
Wait! Wait! these weights
the dead unveiled

Wait for me
you are beautiful
words instill elation
the dead unveiled

Wait for me
utterances of faith
holy provocations
the dead unveiled

Wait for me
whose unawareness rips
souls in two
the dead


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Word Flow: red

Write the words as they come
shooting out your fingers like sun-rays
sunbeams showing off the dust swirling in the air
keeping my little sister up
don't care

must write
write write write
flesh covered skeletons with
nothing but wires and gears
electrical currents running through them
making them move
what keeps everything going
like a wheel- never expending more energy than what is needed
how efficient
fingers pressing on bits of plastic
brain going spastic

dark, the screen like a sun
like the moon but brighter
overcasting everything-
but, can't see in dark.
tired, good night

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I find myself speaking
The words hissing spitting
My teeth clackity clacking
My anger rising, burning, cooking my innards
As i spit irrationalities and swords
Duck! You who encounter me!
Flee! You good-intentioned mothers and sisters!
Run! For i cannot be brought down!
All is doomed and lost for the kind-hearted, around me

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wooden mouths

False words fall out of wooden mouths
Mouths hungry As they breath soot soiling me, singeing with flame
I stand legs straight and strong
Arms cast toward the heaven
Self-pitying, self-loathing
Hating what I have been and become
I must have a weak heart
faulty wiring in machinery

Steel coat

Howls speak more of emotion than words
Screams that pierce the flesh and hammer in nails
Worn like coats humans wear them, as kings crowns
Glitter cruelly above them mocking them
See all that u cannot possess, small thing?!
See all of your dreams unobtainable?
We make it so.

Steel coats forged by many hands, their hands shake
Casting eyes about they despair, they bleed
Offering up their hope to be eaten
Decimated, they trudge through ruts bowed head
Quiet Death following their quiet steps
Hematic, murderous days of hopelessness
The jewels whisper, we make it so.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


One thing i am good at is

I have pages and pages
filled as to why
i am not good
not good enough
or evil in someway or another

Belittling myself seems
to have become a bit of a sport
for my mind
as i work on my homework
as i attend school
as i am with my friends

my mind doesn't think but of the negative
the thoughts swirling my head like a
dust storm, hurracane